Fall 2011 fashion trends: autumn / winter 2011

The final season for the first year of this new decade, and also the season that will go a long way to defining 2012′s fashion trends, autumn / fall 2011 is a crucial period for building your wardrobe and evolving your personal style.

So what’s in store for the seasons for men and women? Seventies fashion remains high on the list of carry-over trends, taking with it the likes of flares and wide-leg pants; while on the tough side, biker and punk follow through to the new season. You can read our existing reports about these and other upcoming fall 2011 fashion trends below, but stay tuned as we’ll be updating these with all the latest, and adding new trends soon.

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Fashion Trends - 2012

The year 2011 isn’t over; but most of 2011's fashion trends have come to an end. We can already get a good feel for some of the basics that we’ll carry through into next year as fashion trends. After the break you’ll find the launch of a list of those trends, including the elements that will come to control their pattern.

If you’d like to keep up to date with all of the latest fashion trends and inspiration on how to wear them, Keep reading the future posts.

Know all about Men's Formal Wear

There is a misconception amongst men that they should rent a tuxedo instead of buying one as very few men actually own one. Buying a tuxedo may sound expensive but, renting a tuxedo for about three times sums up to the actual cost of a brand new tuxedo. The purchase of a tuxedo is a worthy suggestion as it can be used at anytime without having to rent one for every occasion.

Buying your own tux is always a great feeling. You will always feel happy to wear it as the hygienic part is taken care of. You can change its appearance to suit the latest trends by accessorizing it.

A basic black tuxedo is by far the most common and accepted form of tuxedo. There are various types or styles of button patterns or lapels. Single-breasted with one button and double-breasted with two buttons are the most common and the simplest. But, these days, up to four buttons are offered in both single and double-breasted suits by designers like Calvin Klein, Fiorelli, Perry Ellis and Tommy Hilfiger for the extra style quotient. Pants ought to be uncuffed at the bottom and made to have a silk or a nylon strip down the side.

It is always considered as the best option to choose the tuxedo first and then try experimenting with a wide range of tuxedo formal wear accessories. But, as far as the accessories are concerned, many can be found as vests, cummerbunds, bow-ties, etc.

It is always considered a better option to go in for lighter clothing. So, always choose a tuxedo of modern design, which is made up of a lightweight material. A lot of older tuxedos are usually hard to handle and deal with during formal affairs, as they are made up of heavier material. Always keep in mind that you will be wearing your tuxedo all night long and may possibly do a little bit of dancing too. So, the lighter the better.

Always try to stick to the basics. Do not go in for a tuxedo that is not black or dark blue even if they appear to be intriguing. Black and dark blue are the two standard and common colors that can be worn on any occasion. Also, be aware, that you will always stand out in a crowd if you opt to go for a different color, such as a white tuxedo.

Learn to coordinate. Your jacket needs to be complimented by the pants that you choose to wear. Choose pants that have stripes if you intend on wearing a jacket with tailcoats. Pants having a single stripe should be made to align with all other jackets. 

Be sure that you know what kind of jacket you are buying. A cummerbund is always required by a single-breasted jacket and is worn open whereas a double-breasted jacket is worn buttoned when standing. 

Make it a point to examine properly the tuxedo that you purchase, just like you would do for anything else. You can get a great bargain if you opt for buying a tuxedo that has been retired from going on for rentals. However, you wouldn’t want to buy a tuxedo that probably has a hole in it or is terribly worn out. 

These are some features in men`s formal wear that need to be given prime importance. If worn in the right way, men`s formal wear can truly make a lasting impression.

You can also get some great tips and pointers from image consultants who will help you in recommending items for your wardrobe and providing you a personal shopper service.

The Narration of Men's Overcoat

It can be said, without fear of contradiction, that the men’s overcoat is more a fashion statement and does not otherwise have much utility value. An overcoat is a heavy coat worn on top of ordinary clothing particularly during cold weather. It may not be wrong to consider an overcoat as a typical winter jacket worn on special occasions. During rains and snow fall or when the wind is misty and the temperature drops, people favor wearing a protective overcoat.

It is always preferable to having the overcoat tailor-made and an experienced tailor can guide you whether to opt for a single or double-breasted overcoat. A well-tailored overcoat will also guarantee a perfect fit and you can buy superior fabric of your choice.

Double-breasted overcoat

To fasten a double-breasted overcoat, the usual rule is to lap one edge of the front well over the other. It usually presents a double row of buttons with a single row of buttonholes. Four and six-button double-breasted overcoats are the ones widely worn. A single-breasted overcoat is generally more practical as it can be worn open and one need not always button them up. A well-tailored single-breasted overcoat also provides a more slimming appearance.

Today, overcoats can be found in various styles and they are either single breasted or double breasted and come with different styles of breast pockets, lapels and collar cuts. The belted single-breasted model overcoat is sometimes called a polo coat. If your body type is such that off-the-rack clothes never fit you, then the right course is to have the overcoats tailored to perfection, even if it means exceeding the budget.
As regards fabric, cashmere is far and away the most popular fabric used for overcoats as cashmere wool is not only warm but also fabulous looking. In terms of fit, one must make sure the overcoat fits squarely around the shoulders and waist. Please remember that shoulder pads are out of style and to be scrupulously avoided.

Single Breasted Overcoat

Most of the time, single breasted overcoat suit all occasions – be it casual or formal. The double breasted on the other hand is worn only when going to the workplace. The overcoat is mostly found in dark hues of black, navy blue and gray. These colors look business-like and give an impression of sophistication and authority. The natural beige for the overcoat provides a versatile look and it can be matched with almost any color to get a presentable appearance.

One can buy overcoats that provide retractable lining. Zip up on the lining in cold weather and simply zip off once the temperature warms up. You should also look out for pockets and pockets are always helpful when they are at the waist, hip or chest level.

Overcoat Styles

Although overcoats come in various, colors, styles, sizes and fittings, the overcoat has fulfilled its purpose of providing warmth and boosting the image build-up for men who are self-conscious.

Overcoats are usually cut larger than the standard jackets as most men may fit better into one size larger. Make sure you enjoy plenty of room around the shoulders so that you will be able to sit in a car and reach forward to hold the steering wheel without discomfort. An overcoat is meant to keep your trunk and legs warm and not so much your upper body.

Most overcoats are open at the collar and a scarf will add to your overall appearance. Be careful not to contrast the scarf with the coat material color as that may look grotesque.

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