The Narration of Men's Overcoat

It can be said, without fear of contradiction, that the men’s overcoat is more a fashion statement and does not otherwise have much utility value. An overcoat is a heavy coat worn on top of ordinary clothing particularly during cold weather. It may not be wrong to consider an overcoat as a typical winter jacket worn on special occasions. During rains and snow fall or when the wind is misty and the temperature drops, people favor wearing a protective overcoat.

It is always preferable to having the overcoat tailor-made and an experienced tailor can guide you whether to opt for a single or double-breasted overcoat. A well-tailored overcoat will also guarantee a perfect fit and you can buy superior fabric of your choice.

Double-breasted overcoat

To fasten a double-breasted overcoat, the usual rule is to lap one edge of the front well over the other. It usually presents a double row of buttons with a single row of buttonholes. Four and six-button double-breasted overcoats are the ones widely worn. A single-breasted overcoat is generally more practical as it can be worn open and one need not always button them up. A well-tailored single-breasted overcoat also provides a more slimming appearance.

Today, overcoats can be found in various styles and they are either single breasted or double breasted and come with different styles of breast pockets, lapels and collar cuts. The belted single-breasted model overcoat is sometimes called a polo coat. If your body type is such that off-the-rack clothes never fit you, then the right course is to have the overcoats tailored to perfection, even if it means exceeding the budget.
As regards fabric, cashmere is far and away the most popular fabric used for overcoats as cashmere wool is not only warm but also fabulous looking. In terms of fit, one must make sure the overcoat fits squarely around the shoulders and waist. Please remember that shoulder pads are out of style and to be scrupulously avoided.

Single Breasted Overcoat

Most of the time, single breasted overcoat suit all occasions – be it casual or formal. The double breasted on the other hand is worn only when going to the workplace. The overcoat is mostly found in dark hues of black, navy blue and gray. These colors look business-like and give an impression of sophistication and authority. The natural beige for the overcoat provides a versatile look and it can be matched with almost any color to get a presentable appearance.

One can buy overcoats that provide retractable lining. Zip up on the lining in cold weather and simply zip off once the temperature warms up. You should also look out for pockets and pockets are always helpful when they are at the waist, hip or chest level.

Overcoat Styles

Although overcoats come in various, colors, styles, sizes and fittings, the overcoat has fulfilled its purpose of providing warmth and boosting the image build-up for men who are self-conscious.

Overcoats are usually cut larger than the standard jackets as most men may fit better into one size larger. Make sure you enjoy plenty of room around the shoulders so that you will be able to sit in a car and reach forward to hold the steering wheel without discomfort. An overcoat is meant to keep your trunk and legs warm and not so much your upper body.

Most overcoats are open at the collar and a scarf will add to your overall appearance. Be careful not to contrast the scarf with the coat material color as that may look grotesque.

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