5 Fall 2012 Trends Fashion Lovers Will Want To Get Their Hands On ASAP

Trend #1: Wine-colored coats. (Or Dresses. Or Sweaters. Or Anything.)

Since deep burgundy was the only hue used in Alexander Wang's black-and-white collection, you know it's going to be Major with a capital "M" this season. Wang applied it to his slick outerwear, as did a slew of his peers. Nearly every other on-the-pulse designer incorporated a wine hue into their collection, making this color trend both insanely flattering and insanely easy to track down and pull off.

Trend #2: Harness Belts

New York jewelry designer and Fashion Week regular Genevieve Jones tests out Fall 2012's bondage belt trend.
We're only a few days into the Fall 2012 season and already there's a strict--or should we say restricting--vibe that's infusing the runway. Stylized S&M touches in the form of tassel-topped boots and black leather bondage straps popped up on usually ladylike runways such as Monique Lhuillier and Herve Leger, which means kinky style is officially super chic. Black leather harness-like belts will likely be the focal point come fall, as they make waists look tiny and show the world you mean serious business.

Trend #3: Head-to-Toe Floral (Including Floral Shoes!)

You're going to be hearing a lot about head-to-toe florals for the next few months. You'll probably have mixed feelings about it (Really? Flowers on both top and bottom? And I won't look like I'm trying to go incognito at the florist?) but one thing you'll definitely dig is the kicky floral-print heel trend. (Still not convinced? Go look at these Suno for Nicholas Kirkwood floral heels, then come back here.)
Trend #4: Horse-print Tops

I would never go so far to say that the horse is the new cat (especially not when our insanely awesome Glamour x Opening Ceremony sweater is about to go on sale!), but the equine image is on it's way to becoming an It-animal, thanks to Joseph Altuzarra's cool kid knits.
Trend #5: Contrast Collars

Derek Lam
This last mini-trend is a personal favorite as I've been evangelizing about the dickey in the Glamour offices for months. (A dickey is one of those silly little accessories that's basically just the top 1/4 of a shirt--the collar part.) I have four or five in my wardrobe thanks to the folks at CeCeToppings who sent me some to test drive and I wear them at least twice a week (tucked into sweaters, crewneck dresses, etc) as they're a super simple way to make anything you're wearing look a bit more polished, especially when the collar collar pops out against the shirt.

Wear the trend: Hothouse Flowers

Wear the trend: Hothouse Flowers
  • These floral prints will have you in full bloom this winter – here's how to work them into your wardrobe.

  • In the office:
  • Sneak flowers into the workplace by pairing a floral scarf with serious black, grey and white. Or try a tone-on-tone floral print.

  • Out on the town:
  • Pair a floral blouse with skinny jeans and studded brogues or go glam with a black blazer, white shirt and floral skirt.

  • On a lazy Saturday:
  • Layering is a great way to wear a floral dress. Add a dark coloured cardigan, flirty pumps and stacked jewellery.

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